What is Prescribe Pro?

What is Prescribe Pro?

For private practices, pharmacies and hospital practitioners. Prescribe Pro is an app that enables medical practitioners to send a prescription, collect payment online, and arrange delivery to the patient.


Adv. Electronic Signature*
Digitally signed and encrypted prescriptions that cannot be altered or forged. As stipulated by the ECT act of 2002
Free Delivery
Medication is delivered to your patient's door at no additional charge.
Clinical Templates
AI-powered and community contributed medication templates that can be loaded directly onto your profile
Digital Payments
Secure online payment for easy, instant payments
Repeat Reminders
Automated reminders so that your patient never forgets to refill the prescription
Patient Feedback*
Feedback from your patients is collected and curated for easy viewing
*Paid feature - avaialble upon request
Sign up in 2 minutes

Sign up in 2 minutes

Submit your info and relevant documents (e.g. HPCSA registration, practice registration, signature) via the sign-up page. Once it has been reviewed, you're good to go! Usage based pricing as per your practice needs. If it does not get used - you don't pay.


E-prescribing is the issuing of a prescription electronically
We are available to all registered medical practitioners in South Africa
Legally Compliant Better record keeping (full digital record, with templates) Improved patient safety and satisfaction (value added services e.g. delivery)
Yes, Prescribe Pro is available on both Mobile and Desktop
Prescribe Pro basic is free to use for the first 12 month and R100 per month thereafter, advance features such as Advance Electronic Signature, Custom Templates, Increase Cloud Storage will be at an additional cost.
Yes, we have built in digital payment feature should you need to collect payment
Yes, we partner with major delivery pharmacies to provide a service (free of charge!) to all major service centers
Renew your prescription

Renew your prescription

What Doctors say about us

What Doctors say about us  - #1
Prescribe Pro has given me the ability to service my patients from any location. This is really important to me as a healthcare practitioner.
Dr P Reddy(MBBCh WITS)
Dr P Reddy(MBBCh WITS)
Prescribe Pro has given me the ability to service my patients from any location. This is really important to me as a healthcare practitioner.

How It works

We collect your practice, billing, signature, and professional (HPCSA, SANCA, other) information. Once it has been verified you will receive an email with your login name and password. Please click the sign up button at the top of the screen
Please click the login button at the top of the screen
To begin scripting you have the option of Creating a new patient Creating a new prescription Repeating a prescription Create a prescription template Use a prescription template Creating a new patient [Time required ~1min] Patient details are loaded (once-off), including a basic medical history (non-mandatory). Creating a new prescription [Time required ~0.5min] Once you have created a new patient, a prescription can be created as you would a paper script. This would include information such as the drug name, dose, strength, number of repeats and other information which you would find on a script. We also include additional features such as Automated reminder Collection of digital payments Delivery of medications Generic substitutions Repeating a prescription [Time required ~10 secs] To repeat a prescription, you can search up the patient and select the prescription which you would like to repeat. Create a prescription template [Time required ~0.5min] For common prescriptions (e.g. initiation of diabetes, hypertension), you have the option of saving a template to use next time for any new patient. Loading a prescription [Time required ~5 secs] To use a saved template, its a simple click when you are creating your prescription.

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